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     9 Mile Family Partnership

    Are you interested in educating your child at home while still having a connection
    with your local 
    school district?

    • 9 Mile Falls School District is now offering a Family Partnership program for elementary students in grades K - 7. We are a collaborative connection between home and school.
    • 9 Mile Family Partnership is a program of the Nine Mile Falls School District, created to support families in our district and area in the at-home education of their children in grades K - 7.
    • This support takes a variety of forms, including classes for core and extracurricular topics, curriculum, academic support, and providing a space for families to find and grow their community.
    • The program is designed to be a collaborative culture where families meet regularly throughout the school year with an onsite consultant (certified teacher) who collaborates with the primary teacher (parent) to monitor progress toward learning standards and ensure readiness for the next grade level. 


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